No vaccine proof required to enter Thailand! Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister Airport welcomes the first batch of Chinese passengers

No vaccine proof required to enter Thailand! Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister Airport welcomes the first batch of Chinese passengers

On January 9th, the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand and Minister of Public Health, Minister of Tourism and Sports Papa, Minister of Transport Sausalo, Director of Thailand National Tourism Bureau Yutasa, Thai Public Airport Co., Ltd.Naipu Airport welcomed China to the first Chinese passenger to relax the entry control.A total of 269 Chinese passengers arrived in Thailand at about 12:30 from Xiamen Airlines MF833 from Xiamen Airlines.Ansting Deputy Prime Minister and other people gave Chinese tourists a gift to Chinese passengers and masks.

Annuting said that the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand, the Ministry of Transport, Tourism and Sports, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a meeting on January 5 on the issue of foreign tourists’ entry to discuss measures to welcome tourists.Be prepared for passengers and treat all passengers from abroad.

For news reports in Thailand’s new entry measures, foreign passengers who enter the country need to show a two -dose vaccine certificate. This policy has led tourists from many countries and regions to cancel the trip to Thailand, and also cause a large number of travelers who want to go to Thailand.The problem, Ananning said that the latest medical committee meeting believes that most people in Thailand have vaccinated vaccines and have antibodies, and they have also vaccinated tourists.Random RT-PCR detection of passengers will be performed.

At the same time, the vaccine and drugs in Thailand are sufficient. If passengers are diagnosed in Thailand, passengers do not need to worry about it. They can go to the hospital for treatment.Regarding Thailand’s vaccine for free tourists, Anuming emphasized that if tourists intend to receive vaccines in Thailand, they need to pay relevant procedures.

Annuting revealed that according to Thailand Public Airport Co., Ltd., the number of passengers in Thailand will reach 70-10 million passengers in 2023. Thai Public Airport Co., Ltd. has been ready to welcome passengers at various airports, and there is sufficient capacityPublish passengers.At the same time, the Ministry of Transport instructed major airports to prepare infrastructure to provide passengers with comprehensive convenience and services.

Regarding the situation where the passenger’s luggage consignment had appeared in Susannu Airport before, Anuming said that the Ministry of Communications had ordered urgently to resolve the problem. At present, it is found that the first luggage of passengers takes for the average time from the plane to the passenger’s hands. It takes 27 minutes, The last luggage takes an average of 44 minutes.