Thailand is expected to open up entertainment venues in 28 centers on July 1?

Thailand is expected to open up entertainment venues in 28 centers on July 1?

According to Thai media reports, the delegation of the entertainment venue operator will submit to the Prime Minister on May 9 to restore the business appeal in 28 prefectures to welcome the upcoming tourist season.

According to Tasangong, a consultant of the Thai Alcohol Beverage Association: “Because of the new crown pneumonia, the entertainment industry in Thailand had to be suspended in accordance with the government’s epidemic prevention measures. In more than two years of suspension, the unemployment rate of employees in the entertainment industry reached 100%. Many people have to ride a motorcycle to carry or choose to engage in other industries to maintain their livelihoods. “This time, the delegation applied to the government to relax the suspension measures to the entertainment venues in some regions to in response to the policy of opening up Thailand’s entry in May 1.

The delegation requires the government to approve the pilot business in 28 prefectures. During the trial business, entertainment venues will strictly abide by epidemic prevention measures and conduct safety assessments in accordance with the “SHA+” standard. In the 28th government applied for, 16 government will openly open up night entertainment venues, and the remaining 12 government will only restore the resumption of some night entertainment venues.

The entertainment venue operator delegation hopes that the application will conduct trial operation and evaluation in the pilot area from June 1st to 30th. Essence The focus of this pilot operation is that pilot areas should jointly find a solution to solve the outbreak of the epidemic and apply to other regions.