The special commission plans to open legal casinos in three regions of Thailand

The special commission plans to open legal casinos in three regions of Thailand

According to Thai media reports, Thailand is considering studying and constructing a comprehensive entertainment center including legal casinos in order to earn income from the tourism industry during the economic crisis of the epidemic.The House of Representatives has established a special committee since the end of 2021 to study the establishment of the comprehensive entertainment center, the taxation of legal casino business, and preventing and solving the problem of illegal gambling issues.

At present, the Special Committee has completed the collection and research of data, and proposes to establish a comprehensive entertainment center including legal casinos in Thailand, and is preparing to submit it to the House of Representatives for review on January 12.If approved, it will be further transferred to the government.

The special committee report pointed out that it supports the construction of comprehensive entertainment venues, including five -star hotels, large shopping malls, beauty salons, spa, amusement parks, zoos, and indoor and outdoor gyms such as bowling, billiards, boxing, railway, etc. Among them, comprehensive, comprehensive comprehensiveThe area of 5%of the entertainment center will be set as a legal casino.The establishment of the Comprehensive Entertainment Management Committee is established to control and monitor the establishment of the casino, and Prime Minister Bayu is the chairman of the management committee.The construction scale of the comprehensive entertainment center should be larger than that of Singapore. The government and private sector jointly invest in the relevant management policies of the Macau Special Administrative Region and Singapore.

The Special Committee intends to build a comprehensive entertainment center in the three major regions, including Bangkok and Langman Airport, Suwan Napi Airport, and Utaburg Airport.Houses, such as Phuket, Pan Ya, Jiami in the south, Chiang Mai, Qinglai, and Pa Yao in the northern region, Wulongi, Kongjing, Wuwen, and Gyeongka in the northeast region.In addition, the Special Committee also conducted public opinion surveys. 80.67%of the masses supported the establishment of a comprehensive entertainment center in Thailand. 36.38%of the masses supported the legalization of the casino. 56.13%of the people agreed to Bangkok and EEC areas are the most suitable areas for creating comprehensive entertainment venues.

The Special Committee proposes to set up online and offline gambling forms, which proposes to set up 8 forms of online gambling models.At the same time, the Special Committee suggested that the relevant agencies set up a draft law on legal casino to allow the legal operation of online gambling or gaming business, and re -revised the 1935 “Gambling Law” by the Ministry of the Interior to cover the management of online gambling, set up corresponding penalties and income revenueRequire rate.

Both foreign and Thai people can enter the casino experience service, but the Thai people must show their ID cards, and they must be at a time of 21 years old. They must show the financial situation of the past 6 months. The account flow funds are not less than 500,000 baht.Entering the casino must pay the handling fee, and the money won from the legal casino is counted as income in order to calculate the annual tax amount.